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Pride Of Cleveland Scooter Club Members

If you're a member and you don't see yourself here...get in touch with Phil.
Or if you are totally embarrassed by the way you look...

Phil Waters

Proud Scooter Uncle seen riding the new Lambretta 250 prototype.

Merritt Waters

Merritt has recently upgraded to an SV650S but still rides just about every scooter in the shop. She's decided to keep her rare CBR400R so we'll be getting that together as her "other" bike.

Joe Hongosh
Joe Rides a Performer Jet 200, He is the Club Joker. If there is a practical joke going on, Joe is right in the middle of it. I think Joe is also the founder of the Unscrupulous Scooter Club, who's only motto appears to be "Rich did it!".
Here Joe is seen taggin' a passed out Mr. Miller as Property of the P.O.C. he didn't know he had been tagged until he got home and his wife saw it.
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez rocks an Aprilia Scarabeo 150. She's a hoot, we love her to death and she breaks all the 20-something boys hearts.   Here's Renae, Michelle and Merritt at the Pittsburgh rally.

Nick Vannello

Nick brings a whole new angle to the P.O.C.

Nick rode the whole way around Lake Erie - solo, on the God Damn Queen of Sheba (His Kymco People 250 Scooter). Active rallyist and great host, poker buddy, travelling friend and man about town.

Rob Pryor (seen here with former member Pope)

Rob Pryor has been a member from the days of the old North Coast Scooter Club. Rob has a Daring Plum GT200 and a Mint Green Stella with a tuned motor and the full mod compliment of mirrors, crash bars etc. Rob will be sooo happy I dug up this picture of him.

Jen Jingle and Her Bajaj Chetak

We'd Like to thank Jen Jingle for trapping Jason Choltko and bringing him to Cleveland. We Win!!!

Jen is a VERY aggressive rider and squeezes every ounce of power from her POC Pipe equipped Chetak, If you open the window I'm sure you can hear her now.

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